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Congratulations to Tasmin. She has been wearing Schoolvision spectacles for 5 months now and her reading speed has DOUBLED. School have moved her up several levels in numeracy and literacy, and have noted a big change in her learning abilities. She now wears her Tan tinted spectacles all the time and her Mum reports her […]

Radley Open Day

Last Friday and Saturday saw the launch of the Radley frames in the Coventry and Nuneaton Practices respectively. If you have not seen them come in and have a look at these very classy styles. Thanks to Tom our Inspecs representative who brought all his Radley samples as well as Superdry, O’Neill, Cat and Austin […]

Schoolvision Case Records

Charlotte Charlotte is a 17 year old girl who struggles to read as the words merge and float around. The Schoolvision Assessment found she had an accommodation insufficiency so she has to exert a lot of extra focusing effort to be able to read. She also has difficulties with poor contrast text and a yellow […]

Alex is getting on great with his Schoolvision specs!

Alex has had Schoolvision reading spectacles for 4 months now. He has found reading and writing so much easier with his spectacles and his parents have reported a great improvement in his school work. His reading speed has doubled in the 4 months since he has had the glasses. He is now waiting for a […]

Some eye conditions are unnoticeable until it’s too late

Many eye conditions are avoidable, but without regular eye tests many people don’t know they have them until it’s too late. A simple eye examination can pinpoint eye conditions that are a threat to your sight before they reach an advanced stage. Some eye conditions have similar symptoms and cannot be properly diagnosed unless checked […]

Optimum eye health, peace of mind and an unrivalled aftercare service

Many people forget the importance of optimum eye health and take their eyesight for granted. Your eyesight is extremely fragile and like any part of the body, your eyes need exceptional care and attention. Using advanced optical technology and experienced optometrists, we pride ourselves in caring for your eyesight and general health. To ensure that […]