Congratulations to Tasmin. She has been wearing Schoolvision spectacles for 5 months now and her reading speed has DOUBLED.

School have moved her up several levels in numeracy and literacy, and have noted a big change in her learning abilities.

She now wears her Tan tinted spectacles all the time and her Mum reports her behaviour is so much better now.

Jason would recommend a full Schoolvision assessment to anyone suffering with Dyslexia or other learning difficulties to assess if there is a visual problem.


The picture shows Tasmin being tested with the Brock string. This is not used during a conventional eye test, but gives us important information about how the eyes are working together or in the case of Visual Dyslexia NOT working together. This is why the child will report blurry vision or the words moving.


Since we have seen Tasmin her Mum and younger Sister have had Schoolvision Assessments and both have needed tinted spectacles to help them with their reading.