Optimum eye health, peace of mind and an unrivalled aftercare service

Many people forget the importance of optimum eye health and take their eyesight for granted. Your eyesight is extremely fragile and like any part of the body, your eyes need exceptional care and attention.

Using advanced optical technology and experienced optometrists, we pride ourselves in caring for your eyesight and general health. To ensure that your most important sense gets the care it requires, we listen to your concerns and daily requirements in order to find the most suitable eyewear and aftercare service for your needs.

Our thorough and in-depth eye examinations consist of a full visual check, an ocular health check and an eye pressure check.

By carrying out these checks we are not only able to monitor your eye health, but also your general health. A standard eye examination can draw attention to the early signs of threatening and common eye conditions as well as detecting high blood pressure and diabetes.

We understand the importance of looking and feeling good too. Our friendly and reliable dispensing team will be on hand to take you through our range of high-fashion designer eyewear after your eye examination. Our experienced optometrists will also recommend suitable types of eyewear for you based on your lifestyle needs and current eye health.

Our trained staff are available to help you. Feel free to ask any questions regarding your eye health and aftercare at any point during your visit to the practice.